LED Light Bars - Colors of Significance

When most of us think of LED Strobe lightbars, we think of flashing red lights as we see on fire trucks and ambulances. In reality, there are many different types of LED lights, and not all of them are red by any means. In fact you can even find them underneath cabinets and other surfaces in peoples' homes, offices or workshops. They make excellent choices for providing light to dark areas and are easy to install. With the choice of colors, it is very easy to choose lighting that is identifying the situation such as the red we usually associate with emergency vehicles.

police light bar
SELO blue lights for car

While there may be some differentiation in LED light bars for different regions, in most cases we associate red with fire trucks and ambulances, police cars often have red, white and blue alternating lights and fire police are blue. While the latter two are not always uniform in all states, there is no doubt about the fire trucks and ambulances. In other instances, we usually think of amber lights for construction and road vehicles, so if you plan to install any kind of LED lights on your personal vehicle, you have to make sure it doesn't infringe on any colors already being used.

If you have a workshop in your home LED light bars can provide a good source of light. They are also very easy to install under cabinets in your kitchen and other areas in your home where you need some additional light. Because they install quickly and easily, anyone can place one as needed during construction or renovation work without having to spend a great deal of time away from the job. LED lights for surface use are available in white to allow for the most visibility, a necessary attribute for providing the brightest light to dark and unlit areas.

Some people also choose to use warning emergency LED lightbars in the grilles of their vehicles to provide additional lighting. This can be essential for those who travel on dark roads after dark, but you have to keep in mind it can be distracting to other drivers if you choose lighting that is too bright. The same holds true if you choose to install any kind of light bar onto the roof of your truck as additional lighting or to aid other drivers who may be driving on a dimly lit road where you have a construction or road crew working.

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