Amber Light Bars - Amber Light Bars Are the Choice for Non-Emergency Vehicles

Amber light bars are the fixture most commonly used on non-emergency vehicles that require that type of lighting. Emergency vehicles often use blue and red lights. And many states provide strict regulations on what color lights emergency and non-emergency vehicles carry. For those that drive non-emergency vehicles, the most common color on their light bar is amber. Amber allows the light to go out without a blinding beam. The slight color variation allows the light to penetrate the night yet not blind oncoming traffic. That is very important.

Amber Light Bars for Non-Emergency Vehicles
SELO Amber Light Bars for Non-Emergency Vehicles
So, who would be likely to use amber bar lights? In many jurisdictions, tow trucks often sport the amber lights. As they pick up cars to tow, they need amber light bars for truck on to tell oncoming traffic to slow down and avoid the area. When they have the car in place, they use the lights to indicate they are running slower than the rest of the traffic. It is a safety measure for everyone. Security vehicles also use amber lights. Many companies have personnel that patrol buildings and parking lots with cars. Those amber lights give them the option to signal when they are driving slowly or when someone needs to find a security person.

Amber bar lights are visually different from the blue and red ones used by law enforcement and other emergency responders. State regulations hold those colors in reserve to differentiate the cars. That allows motorists and other members of the public to identify what type of vehicle on which the light bar attaches. That is necessary for public safety as well as the safety of the person driving the vehicle. The amber light still provides a visual clue to slow down and avoid the vehicle. But, it does not signal an emergency vehicle.

You can find amber bar lights in a number of sizes and configurations. Some stretch from one side to the other of a vehicle. Others are just a few lights in a small bar. Most attach to the battery in the vehicle, although some use a cigarette lighter plug for power. Some bars come with magnetic connection while other utilizes suction or permanent mounts to stay in place. These lights provide a strong amount of light, even in the smallest configurations. If you have a vehicle with the need for such lighting, choose wisely and be safe. You will find plenty of options available in the marketplace today at affordable prices.

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