Attributes of Emergency Light Bars that Make Them the Best Lighting Solutions

SELO: One-Stop Shop for Police Light bars
SELO: One-Stop Shop for Police Light bars

Emergency light bars have witnessed a lot of innovation in recent times. Super bright and linear light fixtures are commonly used these days in a lot of places where there is a need for bright and attention seeking lighting. You can use these light bars on top of emergency vehicles, be it patrol cars, cop cars, vehicles belonging to administrative officials who need a clear way on the road or ambulances that need you to help out by offering them a clear path. It is obvious that emergency vehicle lighting needs to be intense to catch everyone's attention and should be able to flash and blink to send signals to others around. Moreover, these should be easily installable, and you should find it easy to mount them on the front, rear or sides of a vehicle.

Emergency light bars come with both steady output as well as flashing output. There are built-in LED drivers which can ensure a uniform output of light. Similarly, some light bars also come with dimming circuits which allow you to adjust the intensity of the lighting based on your needs. In other words, depending on your usage and the time of the day, the lights can turn from bright to dim and vice-versa. This also helps in saving some energy if needed, not to mention that dim lights in bright areas are more soothing than bright beams flashing on the rear view mirrors of a passenger car ahead.

Emergency lights bars vary in length from as small as 3 inches to longer than 50 inches. The number of LEDs used by these lights also varies from half a dozen to more than a couple of dozens. The super-bright LEDs consume very less energy and with 12 V DC source, the 1W LEDs are capable of emitting strong beams of light with low beam temperature. The light bars are usually available along with plenty of accessories which make installation and use very easy. There are power cables, cigarette plug switches for turning them on and off and interconnect jumpers if you need to connect several lighting fixtures together. You would also get DC power supply, mounting clips, brackets and magnets, which could be useful in offering vibration and impact resistant installation of emergency lights for trucks on the roof of a vehicle. There are switch board panels, controller box and pattern selectors as well to vary the flashing and for other functions.

Emergency light bars are not only scalable but also extremely versatile. This is because you can easily replace one LED module with another. You can separate one segment of LED arrays from a light bar and replace with another. This way you can always be prepared with a backup. Moreover, you can add or remove modules depending on how much lighting is required. Obviously, one can never be sure of the amount of lighting needed in case of a car crash or spillage on the highway, especially on winding and treacherous roads. The lights are usually water, dust and corrosion resistant.

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