LED Emergency Light Bars - Answering Some Questions About LED Emergency Light Bars

What are LED emergency light bars

Most people know these lights from the tops of modern police cruisers. They replaced the single rotating light that older cars used to use. These light bars use LED bulbs instead of the older incandescent ones. These bulbs are more efficient and give off more light than their older cousins did. These lights appear on other vehicles besides police cruisers. You see them on fire trucks, security cars, and in tow trucks as a few examples. These lights are good when indicating an emergency or when indicating a stopped or slowed vehicle.

Who needs LED emergency light bars? 

Law enforcement, fire trucks, and other emergency responders are the most obvious candidates. However, others use these bars also. Security vehicles use these bars on patrol. It acts as both a deterrent as well as a safety device. A tow truck driver uses it to indicate when they are moving slowly during a tow job. They also use the emergency led light bars to warn traffic when they are in the midst of hauling the vehicle up to the tow truck. Meter readers often have these lights to indicate they are moving slowly in areas where traffic moves fast.

How do LED emergency light bars help? 
These bars serve several purposes for anyone using them. Law enforcement uses them for safety. The flashing bars help signal to other drivers that the cops need to move around them. It is also a signal for a car to pull over. Cops also use them to block traffic from accidents and crime scenes. The lighting acts as a visual signal in other situations as well. Security personnel uses them as a deterrent as well as a beacon of safety for the public. Tow truck drivers use them for traffic and vehicular safety.

Why use LED emergency light bars? 

The uses for these bars are endless. The main reason to use them is to signal the public about safety needs. They provide an effective tool for law enforcement officers and other emergency responders. They provide a signal to the public that a dangerous or hazardous situation might be ahead. These lights also provide a beacon when people are looking for help from law enforcement or building security. For every vehicle type that uses these light bars, there is a new reason for their use. And that is the main reason they are a hallmark for many.