Programmable and Portable Emergency Light Bars

Portable and programmable emergency light bars find great use in emergency vehicles. Whether it is a cop van, a tow truck or a patrol car, light bars help a great deal with their flashing patterns that are easily customizable. Light bars are usually comprised of LED modules that have arrays of LED that are put together to send out highly intense beams of light. The frequency of flicker of these lights can be controlled, and the pulse could be varied to get more than 15 or 20 flashes per second. Highly intense and strobe light bars can be extremely attractive and at the same time attention-grabbing, which is exactly the purpose for which they are used.

SELO Emergency Light Bar
SELO Emergency Light Bar
Emergency light bars come with mounting hardware including mounting brackets, screws and clips which allows easy installation of these light bars on the roof of the vehicle. These light bars can send out highly luminous beams with low beam temperature that can be seen from a great distance too. The combination of powerful sirens and beams of light could be used to caution anyone anywhere. It could also be a sign for imminent danger allowing those driving on the road to be more aware of their surroundings. The optics put into use by the LED modules have been greatly improved too, which means that the off-angle and all-round visibility has increased to a great extent. For the light bars to be effective, this kind of 360-degree visibility is extremely important, especially when one vehicle is leading the way for a few others on the road.

It is pleasantly surprising to note that in spite of the powerful beams and blinding flashes, the truth of the matter is that a 12 V DC source is used in most cases. Similarly, the power wattage of the LED bulbs is usually 1W or 2W in most cases. The wiring is done well, and the current flow through the circuit isn't threatening at any point. It is thoroughly ensured that these led emergency light bars pose any threat at all thus avoiding situations like external fusing or short circuits which could spark a disaster. There is a full-function switch box which ensures that the lights and the flashing patterns can be controlled. Flash pattern toggle switches are also provided with these light bars to allow easy use of these lights. The wire harness ensures easy installation. The generation III LED technology is extremely energy-efficient and cost-effective too.

The arrangement of these LEDs in emergency light bars can also be varied. The number of rows and columns could vary too, with higher light bars having more than three rows. The incredibly powerful signals generated by these LED modules also receive further assistance through the use of chrome deflectors and lenses. Polycarbonate material adds to the resilience of the light bars making them perfect for use under all-weather conditions, whether it is foggy or rainy. The intensity of the LEDs could be varied too depending on the usage.

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