Cheap Lights For Your Emergency and Decorative Lighting Needs

Emergency, as well as decorative lighting, have come a long way in terms of innovation and improvisation. Gone are the days when one had to worry about energy bills, longevity and cost, when it came to decorative lighting. If you want to brighten up the panels, display shelves, cupboards or cabinets in your house or beautify the corners of your restaurant with blue and amber lighting, you can simply invest in LEDs that cost very less. These cheap lights are the answer to your lighting needs, primarily because they address all the three requirements of modern lighting. The LED modules and circuits are long-lasting. They are highly cost-effective. Lastly, these LED lights offer plenty of versatility and variety in terms of blinking and flashing patterns which can add to the special effects especially when used in bars and discotheques.

Selo Full Size Emergency Lightbar
Selo Full Size Emergency Lightbar
The LED bulbs and beacons are coated with epoxy coating. Polycarbonate or fiber glass filled nylon bases are also used to keep them moisture resistant. You can also get emergency LED light bars which are vibration and impact resistant having been manufactured out of crush resistant plastic, making them ideal for use in emergency vehicles like fire engines, patrol cars and ambulances. The kit is usually accompanied by switch control panels, cables and connectors, mounting hardware and a power supply unit. 

The emergency LED light bars usually operate on a 12 - 24 V DC source. The LED arrays are made up of 1W LEDs that hardly consume any power. As a result, they can be trusted more during emergencies. These cheap lights can be controlled very easily. LED bars, in fact, can be made of several segments depending upon the lighting requirements, with each segment, individually controllable and replaceable.

One of the best things about these cheap LED light bars comprised of low-wattage LEDs is that the light is not very harsh on the eyes, unlike in the case with neon or bright halogen lighting that we come across. Whether it is for the display boards in the exteriors or interior lighting, one can pick from an array of LED colors without worrying about the heat around the bulbs or the excessive brightness. The beams are intense, but the beam temperature is impressively low. This gentleness on the eyes is what makes them favorite for interior lighting too, as much as they could be used externally for emergency purposes. With the high intensity beams, these LED bars can be used on roads at spots where there have been incidents like spillage, car crashes or landslides. The high intensity beams can be seen by drivers far away too. The LED light can be enhanced through the use of lenses and deflectors too.

When you are purchasing these cheap lights, you would also get a handy warranty. A lot of LED strobe light kits come with a 3 - 5 years warranty, which ensures that there is no anxiety around their performance or promised longevity. The strobe lights will also be useful for tow truck drivers, bus companies and those who organize car shows.

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