Light Bars LED For Emergency Vehicles

There are several types of light bars LED that can be used for emergency vehicle lighting. The options include mounting on the outer edge, facing the rear, upper exterior mounting, etc. depending upon the requirement. These bars come with super bright LEDs that can provide high-intensity beams with low beam temperature, which are suited to operate for long hours even under adverse conditions. These light bars come with some excellent features. Low power operation preserves energy and hence enhances their usability and reliability. The light bars come with traffic adviser with a control head that can be used when the bars have to be operated as a traffic directional, especially on highways or during traffic jams. These can be used as takedowns, alley lights, etc. with the rear, front and even all-bar operation that can easily be controlled.

light bars LED

Selo Strobe Led Light Bars

Light bars LED are a dozen inches wide and usually around a couple of inches high. The standard lengths of these lightbars vary between 40 - 72 inches depending upon the vehicle where they are used. Some of these bars come with a split color centre section which offers greater versatility and flexibility of use. The flash patterns use the most modern technology which can offer not only plenty of flashing patterns but also the flexibility to have multiple flashing patterns in different sections of the bars. These lightbars usually comprise of corner modules each with 6 - 12 superbright LEDs. Sometimes they are comprised of arrays of LED assemblies put together for high intensity that can be controlled depending upon the usage as well as the time of day. Another interesting aspect of these light bars is that they can easily be separated into several sections through screws and also put together depending upon what the situation demands.

Light heads of these light bars LED can also easily be replaced. One can also invest in wrecker bars which come with tail and brake turn lights and rear work. Two important features of these lightbars, which are extremely important for their functionality, are the polycarbonate base on the extruded aluminium and the clear outer lens. The outer lens can enhance the visibility of the light while remaining undetectable in stealth operations when required. The polycarbonate lens, combined with the compression fit gasket, can ensure greater longevity of the lights and better weather, vibration and moisture resistance.

When you are purchasing light bars, LED is usually the best option because of the cost-effectiveness as well as the preservation of energy. Several different types of lenses such as 8 degree, 15 degree, 30 and 60 degree colored lenses can be used to enhance the functionality of these light bars. Light heads offer great operation control as well. Each of the light heads in the lightbars can be turned on and off when required. Some light bars LED also come with cruise light control mechanism wherein the intensity of the lights can be changed until perfect optimization is achieved.

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