Police Lights Using New Technologies

Police Emergency Lights Using New Technologies

SELO Police Emergency Lights
SELO Police Emergency Lights
Different governments list precise requirements for the lights police vehicles may use as a mode of warning. The laws can specify color, where they can be placed on a vehicle, their intensity, and if they should flash or burn continuously. Various types of lights are used on police vehicles to get attention and warn motorists of any potential hazard. The visual and mechanical properties of the kind of police emergency lights used have a considerable effect on the look of the car and its ability to get attention in an urgent situation. Different types of lighting elements are used in different situations. In keeping up with the current trends, new types of police emergency lights have arrived to replace the old rotating beams.

The most common types of police lights are LED based. The light-emitting diodes are totally solid state, small, last a long time since there are no filaments to burn out, and very economical when it comes to the use of power. An added advantage is that they are easy to see even at great distances. LED police emergency lights lend themselves well to be programmed with a large variety of flash patterns and produce little heat.

Light bars mounted on top of cars contain various lighting modes and are ideal for different situations. They contain fixed, strobe, rotating, or LED-based lights in different arrangements providing programmable flashing patterns. Visor lights and dash police emergency lights are common variations of the light bars that are beneficial in police work. These types of lights come in handy when discreet or short term lighting is needed in unmarked vehicles. Other light bar variations can be fabricated to meet more specific needs and assist in police work. It is also possible to install lights, so they lie flat on the roof. This renders them practically invisible from a distance. For cars in which stealth factor is needed, the flat option comes in handy, and the police car becomes inconspicuous.

Additional places for mounting police emergency lights include sun visors, front mirrors, and rearview mirrors. Very small tubes known as hide-a-ways are installed anywhere - like headlight/taillight bays or the lamp corners. All this internal and external lighting comes in handy when the police are on night duty.

Light bars for police work are usually found in blue, red, amber, or white colors. Light bars can contain speakers, reflectors, and light stickers to guide traffic. These lights can be bought in rectangular or V shape, depending on their use and where they are going to be mounted. Police lights can be mounted inside the car as well. Interior lighting is needed when there is a suspect in the car. Shields are used to angling the direction of the light, so it does not bother the driver.