Getting The Best Off-Road LED Light Bar For Your Car

SELO LED Lights for Cars
SELO LED Lights for Cars

Lighting is an essential part of your car, especially for night-time driving. There are many types of lighting components used for either cars, vans, SUVs, and trucks, but most common are the headlights and tail lights. Other lighting options such as LED light bar is used for additional lighting especially when off-roading.

When driving on trails during night-time, additional lighting components for your truck is important. It is a great investment for your car and a travel must-have when you're going on a road trip. LED light bars for cars have many benefits and come in different sizes from 4 inches to 50 inches or more. You can find an array of automotive lighting components in the market which are inexpensive yet long-lasting. It provides safety especially since most trails do not have light sources, unlike
highways, do. You can also use the additional lighting components on your car when camping.

Owners often put it in the bumper of their truck or SUV. It is better to purchase car-specific mounting brackets for installing LED lights onto your car. Some bumpers come with a mount for external lighting parts such as LED light bars for cars. If there aren't any existing mounts on the bumper, you can also attach it on the grille. You can also seek help from professionals when installing this automotive part especially when you want to put on a large-sized light onto your car. It may require some drilling so hiring a pro is recommended.

Beam Patterns

When purchasing a LED light bar for cars, you have to know first what you need. Both are used to illuminate the road and helps provide visibility when driving onto dark roads or trails. There are two beam patterns for this type of lighting-the flood or spot. The flood beam pattern lights up a wider field of view, while the spot beam pattern ensures you can see a few meters ahead and is great to use for illuminating a long road distance.

You also have to take note that before buying a LED light bar for cars, you have to check the DOT regulations first. You need to comply with DOT regulations and make sure that the light that you'll be purchasing is legal to use. Some LED light bars available on the market may not be authorized to use on the road such as amber. DOT regulations may vary by state so better read about it. You may also ask a mechanic before you put one for your car. Just in case you already have one, check if you might need a light cover for it in order to comply with DOT regulations.


When you plan to put an off-road LED lightbar on your car, you have to check the materials used in it. Check if it's waterproof and weather-resistant especially if you'll be using it during rainy days or on tough, dusty trails.

Another great thing about it is it only require a small amount of energy and barely emits heat. It is lightweight and doesn't drain your batteries quickly. Compared to HID lights, light bars made of LED produce minimal heat and will not overheat the car. It also has longer life span of about 15,000 hours so it is great to use outdoors.

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